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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall accidents and injuries are really a form of premise liability.  Common occurrences for slip and fall accidents occur in a supermarket or retail store or restaurant when slipping on wet or slippery substances that should not be there.  It is the duty of the business owner or land owner to ensure the walkways in their premises are safe.  If they do take precautions to do so, then you can make a claim for those damages you suffered from falling.

Instructions following a Slip and Fall injury

1. Take pictures of the surface and area where you fell. It is important to document or record the condition of the floor at the time of your fall.

2. Take pictures of any rugs, mats or other safety items around the area. If there were not any safety items also take a photograph to show the lack of safety items.

3. Take pictures of any warning signs that were in or near the area where you fell.

4. Take pictures of any visible injury you have suffered as a result of the fall.

5. Take pictures of your shoes and clothes immediately after the accident.

6. If the item that you slipped on is non-perishable, save a sample in a safe place where it will not be lost. If the item is perishable, i.e. vegetables, or fruit, try to preserve the item in a liquid chemical preservative or in a freezer.

7. Look for potential witnesses to your slip and fall. Take their name, address and telephone number. If you do not find any witnesses at the time of your fall, return to the accident site at the same time the accident occurred on a different day. Some people may have the habit of visiting the accident site, daily.

8. After initially speaking with witnesses, do not contact them again or take any statements. Give their contact information to your attorney, so the attorney can contact them if necessary.

9. If possible, do not leave the scene of the accident without filing an accident report with the manager, owner, employee or other person. Make sure the accident report is filled out in your presence and that you receive your own copy of the completed report.

10. Go to the emergency room or see your primary care physician immediately if you are in any pain whatsoever. Tell the doctor about every area of your body where you are experiencing pain.

11. Do not wash your clothing from the accident. Do not wear them again, but save them and keep them where you will not lose them. Do not wear your shoes again, save them in a sealed plastic bag and keep them where you will not lose them.

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